Why should I use Action Cutting & Coring Inc.?
Besides the fact that we provide unmatched quality, pricing below industry standards and offer courteous "Old Fashioned" service, Affordable Concrete Cutting Massachusetts uses the most advanced diamond concrete cutting technology. We provide significant advantages over more time consuming conventional methods of concrete cutting. These advantages vary depending on the job, but include fast, precise "smooth as glass" concrete cutting technology, a dust free environment and reduced stress to maintain the structural integrity of the structure.

Will there be any dust or mess?
No there won't be any dust or mess! We use diamond segmented saw blades and water to cut your concrete. As the water hits the blade, it traps any dust particles and produces a liquid substance called slurry, which is vacuumed up. There are no giant toxic dust clouds.

How long does the concrete cutting process take?
Generally, a doorway "Cut, Drop and Break" takes between 3 to 4 hours from the time we arrive until the time we leave. The time can vary significantly for other types of concrete cutting and we can determine the amount of time required as soon as you explain your concrete cutting project to us.

Do you cut from the inside or the outside of the structure?
When possible, we cut from the outside of the structure. Cutting the concrete from the exterior to the interior will cause most of the water used to eliminate dust cool and to cool our blades be deposited outside. We also use special water control procedures on the interior to make sure any water that does enter the home is contained.

Will the concrete edges of my doorway or windows be smooth?
Yes! The edges of your concrete opening will be smooth as glass. Your openings will be so smooth, level, plumb and square, a door or window can be framed out and installed within it immediately after our completion.

Do you remove the concrete from site?
In most residential cases it is not cost effective for us to remove the concrete from site, although we do offer this service, it is very expensive. We do, however, jackhammer or "Break Up" the concrete into manageable football size pieces for easy handling for an additional charge.

When is the best time to cut a concrete doorway or window in my concrete foundation?
If possible, the best time is during the excavation of your project, if any may occur. Your window or doorway can be "Cut and Dropped" into a hole the excavation contractor can dig for you. This saves you the cost of break up and the nuisance of removing the concrete debris.

How much do I need to dig out for a concrete basement doorway prior to your arrival if any digging is necessary?
You must dig at least 1 foot wider than the side cuts (preferably 20"), 8 feet back from the wall, and down to the footing. The doorway is removed in one large piece. If you want to bury the concrete piece rather than paying to have it "Broken Up", then it needs to be dug at least 15 inches below the footing. (We recommend having this area dug out by a professional excavating contractor rather than by hand) Due to time constraints and scheduling it is very important that this task, along with all necessary layout of cut lines of the concrete to be cut be completed prior to our arrival.

How much do I need to dig out for a concrete basement window prior to your arrival?
Ideally, You need to dig 1 foot wider than the side cuts, 4 feet back from the wall, and 1 foot deeper than the bottom cut. (In many cases this digging can be achieved by an aggressive "Do it Yourselfer".) Due to time constraints and scheduling it is very important that this task, along with all necessary layout of cut lines be completed prior to our arrival.

What do I need to remove or clean out in my basement for a concrete doorway or window cut?
We need about 5 feet cleared away from the wall inside the basement and 3 feet on each side of the cuts. You must remove any items or shelving that are in this area of the cuts prior to our arrival. We will need to install protective tarps and have access for a vacuum in the area provided.