Will a GRP gutter lining cope with expansion and contraction?
Yes. We create an independent gutter lining (a gutter within a gutter) and always take thermal and structural movement into account during installation.

What types of gutter are suitable for a GRP lining?
Most commercial and domestic gutters are suitable for a GRP lining, although it may not be practical for some rainwater goods. Please contact us for specific enquiries.

Can a GRP gutter lining incorporate insulation?
Insulation can easily be incorporated beneath the GRP gutter structure (in accordance with warm roof/cold roof situations) as long as the volume of the gutter has been increased to compensate.

Can a GRP gutter lining increase the capacity of my gutter?
We always try to maximize the volume of a GRP gutter lining by utilizing the available space beneath the roof covering. As the lining sheet is preformed, we are able to slide this sheet (FLEX-BASE) behind any closure panels (splash plates) or up to the first batten on a tiled roof, thus increasing the gutter volume considerably.

Is a GRP gutter lining suitable for asbestos cement gutters?
GRP gutter linings are especially suitable for installation to asbestos cement gutters, as the installation process virtually eliminates disturbing the original gutter structure or adjacent asbestos cement roof sheets and closure panels.

What is the difference between expansion and contraction joints?
There are two types of joints: expansion and contraction. Contraction joints are usually installed with a jointing tool when the concrete is still fresh or with a concrete saw after the concrete gets hard. Expansion joints are preinstalled dividers such as black fiber, cork, or other physical barriers such as redwood strips.

How long does a GRP roof or gutter last?
A GRP Roof or gutter lining will remain virtually maintenance free for a period in excess of twenty five years. GRP roofs that have been protected from UV degradation by chippings on the gel surface should remain serviceable for considerably longer. After twenty five years, a new gel surface can be applied to roofs and gutter linings extending life expectancy even further (subject to specific site conditions).

Is GRP suitable for a fragile/rusting gutter?
The GRP gutter linings we manufacture are reinforced at the base with a special synthetic core material sandwiched between further layers of glassfibre, producing a structure of great strength (but lightweight). As an independent lining (as long as the gutter supports are still serviceable) GRP can safely be installed over (or within) a fragile structure.

Our existing gutter is stepped, is GRP suitable?
A stepped gutter (usually the result of a lead gutter installation) is perfectly suited for a GRP gutter lining. The seamless construction of a GRP gutter lining can accommodate most shapes, sizes and protrusions through the gutter itself.

How do I control contraction and expansion of my floor?
This is a very common question with a very simple answer. To ensure your floor stays in place and has a long life free of damaged caused my extreme contraction and expansion, maintain the humidity in your house at a level between 45% and 55%. This is a simple and efficient step to increase the longevity of your floor. An added benefit of maintaining humidity is your personal comfort.

What about Expansion & Contraction of Plexiglas?
Thermal Expansion and Contraction - All materials expand and contract to a greater or lesser degree due to changes in temperature and humidity. Allowances must be made for these changes in the construction and fabrication of products; for example, the expansion joints in cement sidewalks and on steel bridges. Acrylic sheet is subject to greater dimensional change, due to thermal expansion and contraction, than other materials with which it is used in construction. Acrylic Sheet vs.

Is there a lining?
There is an inside cloth pillow holding the filling. This provides an extra layer of fabric between your skin and the corn making the product more comfortable and to help retain the heat and cold longer. A Velcro closure allows the cover to be removed and laundered.

Is Closet lining the same as Spanish Cedar?
The a.s.c resident expert on this topic seems to be humidor maker Daniel Morris DeRight. He responded to queries on a.s.c as well as on rec.woodworking. Spanish Cedar and American Aromatic Red Cedar have little in common except their appearance. Spanish cedar (Cedrela odorata) is a very mild wood with good absorption characteristics and is used to line humidors.