Rise & Shine Contracting LLP ( RNSLLP) is a Branch of Flag Ship Rise and Shine Group of companies. Presently executing Many Infrastructure Jobs for Karnataka Govt. organizations
 like BBMP. Class 1 registered contractor in both PWD and BWSSB.
 Apart from Civil contracting Jobs. We also execute the following works for our esteemed clients
Total Passive Fire protection Services
Structural Steel Fireproofing : We provide this services by using both cementatious or Intumescent paint of reputed Manufacturers for various commercial and industrial applications using Promat Materials.
Firestops: Supply and application of Firestops using Promat, Hilti, Vijay systems material based on the design , specification and budgets of clients.
Cable Coatings: Based on the industry standard and requirement we provide cable coatings for fireprotection
Fire rated Partitions:  Specific applications like document rooms or Server rooms in IT companies, high sensitive information areas where separation is needed for 2 to 4 hour fire protection. we provide certified fire rated partitions from Promat. We can also provide blast protection rooms.
Concrete Coring and Cutting: We also provide services where construction requirement demands accurate holes to be made by using coring machines. and cutting of concrete is required to the required shape and depth.